A song played by Angel in the episode So-Called Angels.






Deepening night, think on a time 

All was bright

Here in this dark place, I see in your face

All is not right

Make it, make your way home 

Better than the last

Break it, break the alone

Take a second chance

Open a window, let in the snow

Cold is all I know

Go to the fire, stir it around

There's a warmer place for you to go

So, make it, make your way home

Better than you have

Break it, break the alone

Leave it in the past

Oh, look and you'll find it

Someone wants to love you

Look and you'll find it

Someone wants to love you

Wake it, wake your dream

One forgotten me

Sleepin' deep inside o' you

Heavenly peace

Behind the ScenesEdit

This song was written and performed by Juliana Hatfield.

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