My So-Called Life (Music from the Television Series) was released on January 24, 1995 by Atlantic/Mammoth Records. The format was Compact Disc and it contained one disc. It was also available in cassette. The total length is 34:54. For the complete list of music heard in the series see the List of My So-Called Life music.

Track List Edit

Track 01 - "Make It Home" -- Juliana Hatfield (So-Called Angels)
Track 02 - "Soda Jerk" -- Buffalo Tom (Self-Esteem)
Track 03 - "Genetic" -- Sonic Youth (Betrayal)
Track 04 - "Petty Core" -- Further
Track 05 - "Drop A Bomb" -- Madder Rose
Track 06 - "Fountain and Fairfax" -- Afghan Wigs (Self-Esteem)
Track 07 - "South Carolina" -- Archers of Loaf (Life of Brian)
Track 08 - "Dawn Can't Decide" -- The Lemonheads (Other People's Mothers)
Track 09 - "The Book Song" -- Frente (In Dreams Begin Responsibilities)
Track 10 - "Come See Me Tonight" -- Daniel Johnston
Track 11 - "My So-Called Life" theme song -- W.G. Snuffy Walden (every episode)

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