My So-Called Life Goes On is the second novel written by Catherine Clark, the author of the MSCL Novelization, and is the second book in the Angela Chase Series. The Mass Market Paperback was 212 pages. It was published by Random House Books for Young Readers on July 27, 1999.

ISBN-10: 0375801111

ISBN-13: 978-0375801112


The novel takes place after the school year ends, in the summer. Angela is still with Jordan. She also is employed at her father's restaurant. Brian, who still is in love with Angela, still seeking Delia, is now mesmerized by an older woman, Rayanne's mother, Amber. Rickie also has a new love interest. Sharon does not leave Kyle and suffers the consequences. Rayanne has difficulty holding a job but has something more important on her mind. never again does Rick come to school

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