A full length stage play written in 2005 by David Largman Murray. It was later produced in the 2005 New Plays Festival, won the Corwin Award for Playwriting and was a semi-finalist for the Playwrights Center's Playlabs festival in Minneapolis. The run time is 80 minutes.


A young 15 year-old girl obsessed with the television show "My So-Called Life" goes on a quest to meet the show's breakout star, Jared Leto. She thinks she's a character in the 90's TV show, and laments the trials and tribulations of being a teenager and dealing with friends, guys, parents and school. Angela's journey involves treading the ambiguous places between her fantasy and reality. She develops the ability to hear the TV character Angela's inner monologues, the voice overs, and is constantly trying to fit into the fantasy. Another girl, Jenny Diddo, also has something of a fantasy life but has been able to integrate it a little more. Angela's best friend is Pearl and it is later revealed that the two love each other. Pearl even plays into Angela's fantasy at times. Pearl eventually helps Angela understand that she has always been creating fantasies and that even if she did really get to meet Jared Leto, which she does near the end, she would still have to settle for reality. Pearl helps Angela realize her reality by enacting a scene from My So-Called Life, where Angela and Jordan end their relationship in Pressure. Angela ends the scene but Pearl insists she continue as she forgot a line. Angela and Pearl together recite the lines, "People always say you should be yourself. Like yourself is this definite thing, like a toaster, or something. Like you can know what it is even. But every so often, I’ll have like - a moment. Where being myself, and my life right where I am, is like enough." and this line repeats in her head as Angela's voice over and becomes the final catalyst to bring her back to reality.


  • Angela
  • Sophia - Angela's mother
  • Margaret
  • Janie
  • Sue
  • Betty
  • Pearl
  • Jenny Diddo
  • Jared Leto/Jordan Catalano

External LinksEdit

A download of the script is available here:

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