Sometimes called "Other People's Daughters". The tenth episode of the first season of My So-Called Life. This episode comes after Halloween and before Life of BrianThe broadcast date was November 3, 1994. The production code was 59306.


Rayanne, Angela, and Rickie are in the Chase kitchen, where Rayanne, who is fifteen, drinks a beer. Patty enters, chastises Angela, and informs her daughter that consumption of alcohol will not be condoned in the household by minors. Patty also reminds Angela that she will have to attend a dinner party to celebrate the anniversary of Angela's grandparents. Rayanne, Angela, and Rickie head to the Graff home, where Angela meets Rayanne's hippie mom, Amber, with whom she is entranced. Amber gives Angela a Tarot reading. Amber, in contrast to Patty, does not mind children drinking in her home. Rayanne decides to throw a party, which she schedules for the same night as Angela's grandparents' party. Meanwhile, Patty's mother, Vivian, who has been treating Patty like a child, pressures Patty into having the party in the Chase home. Angela violates her orders and attends Rayanne's party, where Rayanne takes ecstasy and drinks copious amounts of alcohol. When Amber enters, she kicks nearly everyone out and chastises Rayanne. Angela calls Patty, who comes over and makes sure Rayanne is taken to the hospital. Patty then invites Rickie and Angela to a "very dull" party, which both are happy to attend.

See the Timeline for more details.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The glasses-wearing gameboy-playing young girl at Angela's grandparents' 45th anniversary party is in fact Winnie Holzman's daughter, Savannah Dooley.

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