My So-Called Life only aired for one season and then had a Cancellation. However, show creator, Winnie Holzman has several times stated some of her ideas for a second season. Additionally, any other person's Season 2 ideas are included here, listed by Crew, Cast, or Fanfic author.

Winnie HolzmanEdit

Winnie had plans to have Patty and Graham get divorced. After the divorce, Patty was to have a severe and even clinical depression. Winnie's reasoning was that many teenagers have to deal with this, and deal with suddenly having to take charge.

She also wanted to have someone get pregnant and felt Sharon would have been the obvious choice.

Bess Armstrong recounted that Holzman had told her that Graham would have an affair with Hallie Lowenthal, Patty would have a deep depression, and that Angela would take a leadership role. It was planned that Rickie would have more trouble. “What was ultimately going to get Patty up and out of her depression was something terrible that was happening to Rickie,” Armstrong says. “Rickie was somehow going to be in trouble, and that was going to be what got her up and out of bed.”

In an interview with Vulture, Holzman claimed that a second series would have seen Jordan winning Angela back and Brian hooking up with Delia, despite the fact that Brian and Angela would both rather be with each other.

Claire DanesEdit

Both Claire Danes and Winnie Holzman have joked that Angela would eventually become a CIA agent. Claire Danes later played CIA agent Carrie Mathinson in Showtime's 'Homeland'.

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