Also known as "The Poll". A list of girls in the sophomore class at Liberty High School ranked by best feature. It was created by unknown boys but Kyle admits that he knows some of the guys who wrote it, i.e. some were jocks. Even though this list is called "Top Forty" only fourteen names appear on the list. 

The categories are based on physical features, romantic activity, and talents. The category for the last name cannot be seen. Categories not written (in view) which the last name could belong to include Dancer, Singer, Actress, and Makeup.

The ListEdit

Hottest Soph. Babe...Casey Hall
Best Butt.....Leslie Godfrey
Best Legs....Jennifer Kamensky
Best Hooters......Sharon Cherski
Best Hair...Melissa Feinburg
Best Dresser...Cheri Jacobs
Best Kisser.....Sara Archer
Most Slut Potential......Rayanne Graff
Best Laugh......Brooke Kennedy
Best Dates '94....Diane Kelly
Best Feet.........Laurie Dalton
Athlete?.....Wendy Peterson
Best Cheer Leader.....Jody Norris
????.....Isabel Parins

Behind the ScenesEdit

The names of a number of female crew members are on the list of attractive sophomores shown on the screen.

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