The eighteenth episode of the first season of My So-Called Life. This episode comes after Betrayal and before In Dreams Begin ResponsibilitiesThe broadcast date was January 19, 1995. The production code was 59409.


On a romantic weekend getaway to "reconnect" with Graham, Patty reveals another side of her personality; Angela copes with a visit from Rayanne, who has good reason not to leave.

See the Timeline for more details.

Behind the ScenesEdit

This is the only episode narrated by Danielle Chase and the second episode not narrated by Angela Chase. The first was Life of Brian which was narrated by Brian Krakow.

During the filming of the scene in which Rayanne pretends to be sick, one of the sound guys surprised Claire Danes in an attempt to illicit a real laugh from her by being in his boxers when she walked into the room.

"The Pleasure Center" was originally written as "The G-Spot," but was nixed by Standards and Practices as inappropriate for the family hour.

Devon Odessa's line, "high, high, lower lower, finger, finger..." was not originally written in the script. It was ad libbed by Devon Odessa on the set. This was one of the few times that "spoken lines" veered from the written script.

Jared Leto is credited as Jordan but Jordan does not appear in this episode.

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