The seventh episode of the first season of My So-Called Life. This episode comes after The Substitute and before Strangers in the House. The broadcast date was October 6, 1994. The production code was 59307.


See the Timeline for more details.


The episode title indicates that we will learn why Jordan cannot read. However, the reason is never answered. It is postulated by Angela that he could have dyslexia, like Neil Chase.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Jared Leto's older brother Shannon Leto guest-stars as the character Shane in this episode and in "Self-Esteem". Shannon Leto is also the drummer for his brother's band "Thirty Seconds to Mars". Since in his singing debuts as Jordan Catalano in this episode, actor Jared Leto has formed a band called "Thirty Seconds to Mars" and released two albums.

The museum was the Los Angeles County Museum of Art - 5905 Wilshire Blvd., Hancock Park, Los Angeles, California, USA.

The name of the episode is a reference to the book Why Johnny Can't Read—And What You Can Do About It by Rudolf Franz Flesch.

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